Coffeebot Creates “Social Blend” to Perk Up Your Social Media Management

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Digital CB Business Solutions, or Coffeebot, one of Davao’s leading business process outsourcing companies, offers it’s “Social Blend” social media marketing packages toonline business owners.

Realizing the necessity of businesses to increase its reach, Coffeebot offers social media management services. More than just getting many likes, followers, and audience engagement, these packages are more about helping entrepreneurs achieve business goals through social media.

This means using social media as a marketing, customer services, and information distribution platform for products and services. Having a more dynamic system through social media helps business owners to make the most out of their social accounts and build a community of loyal customers.

What gives Coffeebot a unique advantage their social media specialist,Jonalyn Candelada. Her youth gives her unique insight into demographics most businesses want to target.

“Customers should avail of our social media management because we can assure you that your social media platform will get higher engagement and reach,” says Coffeebot’s Social Media Specialist, Jonalyn Candelada.

Coffeebot prepares social media calendars, responding to comments (on a daily basis for a month), shares orretweets management for Twitter.

“We have a prebuilt package for those whose businesses fall on the regular small B2C customer type,” says Jessica Marie Madrazo, Coffeebot Operations Manager.

“However, for those who have unique businesses, we customize the package and make recommendations based on their market,” Madrazo adds, recognizing the diversity of other businesses. “This is ideal for business owners who know nothing about social media, but see its importance for their growth,”.

Madrazo also shares that there are future plans to expand services are more and more social media sites are offering marketing features for business. Candelada and her team are currently conducting research on how these new networks can be used by any type of business and create new packages for them.

(This article was originally posted in Newswire)

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