One Year as a Hootsuite Ambassador

by | Mar 3, 2016 | Davao, Social Media, The City, Work | 0 comments

Today is officially my Hootsuite Ambassador Anniversary, and it’s been a fruitful one. I’m glad I decided to volunteer and represent a product that I, and CoffeeBot use.

In my 1 year as a HootAmb, I:

was able to pick up the tips and tricks that have made our company social media efforts more effective
have taken steps on my hopes of becoming a social media influencer
have become a certified social media consultant in Davao
organized Davao’s first ever #HootUpDavao
referred Hootsuite to colleagues and family.

The highlight of this is, support often fades less than a year for a product you don’t use all the time or believe in. The fact that I’m still here as a Hootsuite Ambassador is proof that I enjoyed being a volunteer. It has been worth my time, it has broadened my knowledge and improved my skills. And this is why I look forward to more years as a #HootAmb.

Here are the highlights from #HootUpDavao

HootUp Davao HootUp Davao HootUp Davao HootUp Davao HootUp Davao Jessica Madrazo HootUp Davao Jessica Madrazo

(This article was originally posted in CofeeBot Solutions)

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