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“Her socmed course for real estate agents is such an eye-opener. It shows us that there are more ways than one in marketing and selling real estate. Having this edge will certainly give me an advantage into real estate selling as well as getting more reach for the properties that I have.”
Julie Palo-Lapaz

“The BEST Teacher for Digital Marketing. I am very Happy that PPHC found her as our speaker for 2 days seminar in APD. Well, to those Companies who want to boost their Social Media Platform I am 100% Sure that Ms. Jessica Madrazo can help you a lot. “
Criz Benolirao

“Jessica or Miss J as I call her is very passionate about conducting a training. She always wanted to bring out the best in every participant in the training. Evident to this is that 12 out of the 17 graduates that we had were able to get online jobs and became a medalist..”
Jones Hinay