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If you need a full scale digital marketing campaign planned and executed by experts. 

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If you’re a solo-preneur, small to medium business, or a virtual assistant, you need my courses.

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The Secret to promoting your business on Facebook like an Agency…

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Get a social media calendar cheat sheet that tells you what to post every day.

A list of questions you can use to get comments.

Posts guided by 4 Key Marketing Goals

A list of quotes that are sure to reacts and shares

A Worksheet that will help you write effective captions

Example of posts that got me engagements and inquiries on my inbox!

Business Growth

Never get stressed with marketing again.

Personal Growth

Using social media instead of social media using you.

Skills Growth

Get skills to become a professional social media marketer.

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More followers, more content and paying gigs.

About Me

People call me the Obi Wan Kenobi to businesses who want to harness the Force online. I am the co-owner and Operations Director of Coffeebot Solutions, a digital marketing company in Davao.

I am a digital marketing expert who use my 13 years of experience in the business process outsourcing industry to empower business and organizations through online marketing.

I also train digital marketing strategies and e-commerce to businesses and freelancers, as well as responsible social media use to teens and their parents.

When I don’t work, I’m passionate in different advocacies like climate change, gender equality and internet literacy.

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I consulted Jessica Madrazo on Social Media marketing and worked with her on some projects. She’s very knowledgeable about how Social Media Marketing really works. During the consultation, she gave me tips and insight that I had not known or considered.

 I personally recommend them in terms of handling social media marketing. When your looking for legitimate and experienced social marketers to manage your products, Ma’am Jessica Madrazo will help you throughout your needs.

Maam Jessica is the Brave Trainer of RIS Technical Training Marawi City. She accept the challange being the trainer of marawi scholars without the doubt, despite the fear of terorrism and the siege happened. We really admire her dedication and passion in sharing her knowledge to people..”

Free Online Coaching Resources

Facebook Cheat Sheet

An entire year’s worth of facebook posts planned out for you so you can save time and effort, but get the best out of free Facebook reach.

What to Post on Facebook? 115 Ideas You Can Use

115 ideas you can use to promote your business and engage with your Faceboo fans. FREE DOWNLOAD

35 Call to Action Goal Examples

Here are 35 examples of Call to Action messages that will help you get the interaction and clicks that you need for your business.

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Imagine having the skills and tool you need to promote your business online.

“Online marketing hasn’t worked for me.”

Surprise. It’s because you’re doing it wrong.

Online marketing is a skill people work on. The reason it didn’t work for you was because you didn’t have the skills. 

If you’re still confused think of it this way. Give Adele a mic, and she can make millions with her voice. Give me a mic, and I won’t be able to make a single cent. It’s because I don’t have the singing skills.  

Do you get it now? I’ve had more than 10 years of practicing, studying and teaching digital marketing. And I’d love to share what I know with you.