Coffeebot Offers Outsourcing “Executive Package” for Business Owners

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Digital CB Business Solutions, or Coffeebot, offers its “Executive Package” on its outsourcing work to business owners for growth and development.

Davao City, Davao Del Sur, Philippines., March 28, 2016 – (PressReleasePoint) –

Digital CB Business Solutions, or Coffeebot, one of Davao’s premier business process outsourcing companies, designs its “Executive Package” services to business owners help maximize potential for business growth and development.

Emphasizing the need to have that competitive edge over other businesses, Coffeebot extends its expertise on administrative and back-office functions to business owners. The said executive package is designed to aid business with back-office work so owners can concentrate more on business development and marketing.

“The executive package is a small business owner’s dream,” says Coffeebot Operations Manager Jessica Marie Madrazo, when asked about the impact of having that executive package, “but a small and struggling business needs several things, they can’t afford to hire an expert for each,” she said.

“We enable our clients to enjoy having several experts in the executive package. They let us know what they need, whether it’s a mix of social media, data entry, lead generation, SEO, etc., and we’ll allot the manpower for it based on the needs,” she added, emphasizing the importance of the said package and as a strategy for the development of one’s business.

“One of the reasons we expanded as an office is that we want to promote our Executive Package more for our prospective clients,” Coffeebot Managing Director Peter Perez said.

“We have long considered this program as our edge over other BPO companies when it comes to outsourcing work,” he added.

Always looking for better ways to do business online, Coffeebot helps make that possible through its complete Executive Package.
Coffeebot also specializes on outsourcing services such as Administrative Work, Data Entry/Lead Generation, Off-Page Optimization and Social Blend as part of its package. You can also try out their Trial Promo on a specific period.

(This article was originally posted in Press Release Point)

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