Top 5 Questions on Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Agents

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Davao, General, Social Media, Training

Real estate has boomed in Davao City. For the past few years, new condominiums and developments have been constructed in different areas i the city.

Rising Number of Real Estate Brokers and Agents in Davao City

This industry growth is of course, followed by the growth of the need to market and sell these brand new properties. The Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board currently lists 382 Brokers and 532 agents in the Southern Mindanao area. This is still expected to rise with new PRC passers for this year.

This is absolutely great for the city’s economy, but, may pose as a challenge for brokers and agents. Amidst all the competition, how do you stand out? How do you find buyers, make them notice you, and close the deal?

I can’t help with closing the deal, but I can definitely help you find buyers and make them notice you on social media.

Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Everybody loves to be on Facebook and Davao is no exception. That’s why I always reiterate that if you want to sell something, you better have a Facebook page. I say the same to all my real estate agent friends.

But they’re not always well versed on Facebook marketing. Sure, they have a page. They’ve had it for years, but it’s not really converting. Is it Facebook’s fault? Not really. There are several things you can do to make your facebook campaigns more efficient, and reach as many buyers as possible on Facebook.

And here are the things they often ask me.

How Much Should I Spend for Boosting?

Because real estate is a huge marketing with lots of competitors, I recommend real estate agents spend at least 100php per day. The same marketing/advertising principles apply. The more competition you have for a certain audience, the more you have to pay for ads.

What Types of Posts Get the Most Reach?

The answer is VIDEO. Compared to the other types of materials that you can post on Facebook, video will get the most reach. The reason for this is because Facebook has been trying very hard to compete with Youtube. This means, if you make really great video content, Facebook will be more than happy to share it with more people.

How to Reach the Right Potential Buyers?

If you’re already creating the right materials for your audience, the only way to reach potential buyers is through running ads. With ads, you can indicate what specific demographic and interests you’d like your audience to be. You can run a Likes ad, to get more likes to your page, and then boost your posts to make sure those buyers see what you post.

What Types of Posts Get the Most Engagement?

Let’s go back to the word “Engage”. You are able to Engage people if they’re interested in what you have to say. If it entices them to respond or react to something. So ask questions. Ask for their opinion. Entertain them. Make a conversation with your audience and they’ll want to engage with you.

How Often Should You Post?

EVERYDAY. Facebook is a content platform, so if you make more content and keep people on the platform, Facebook will love you. If not, they won’t bother to share your content to more people, even if you run an ad.

Afraid you’ll run out of ideas? Check out my other blog post, 115 Facebook Ideas You Can Use to Post on Facebook. You can also get my Social Media Calendar Cheat Sheet to save you time and effort when figuring out what to post.

Facebook marketing for real estate agents should’t be rocket science. You just need to start studying, and paying attention to how Facebook is treating your posts. Observe your page, observe your audience, and constantly make tweaks based on your experience.

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