Interesting Facebook Data about Davao City

by | Feb 25, 2020 | General

As Digital Marketing experts, we are always hungry for data at Coffeebot. So when we realized that there was no compiled data Facebook data about Davao city, we decided to make one! And that’s why we created CB YEAR IN REVIEW: DAVAO CITY FACEBOOK STATS 2019.

Why is this this important?

Real digital markets know the value of data. You can only go so far when you just try and guess things. And as a company that manage Facebook pages for the different businesses in Davao City, we know that information about its users aka your buyers online is vital if you want to grow your business and sell your products and services.

How Businesses in Davao Can Use the Facebook Data Report

The great thing about this report is it’s not exclusive to digital marketers. Businesses can very easily browse through it, and interpret the data to find out how they can design a better social media strategy.

However, if you’re still not sure how it can help you, let me break down the benefits, or examples of how you can interpret the numbers.

Mobile vs Desktop

Our research has shown that there are more Facebook mobile users in Davao City, compared to those who use facebook on desktop. Actually, this is the case world-wide. But how does this information affect the way you should promote on Facebook?

Make sure the materials you create are mobile friendly. We’ve seen pages who have cover photos that get cut when viewed on mobile, or those who share images that look great on desktop, but are totally awkward on mobile.

This information suggests that when you create content for your Facebook pages, design for mobile instead. Once you post something, open it on your phone and see how it looks. That should be your number 1 priority.

Men vs Women

Aside from the number of users, our study also shows that women are more active on Facebook compared to men. How will this affect your social media efforts?

If your products are for men, we’re obviously not saying you should promote to women. Rather, you can expect less interaction on your pages and posts. This is because women tend to share their purchases, post reviews, and check-in businesses more often.

If your business sells to both men and women, then you might want to create posts for women if you’re in need of more engagement.

Relationship Status

There are so many businesses that are reliant on being able to target customers with a specific relationship status. Some of which are:

  • Wedding contractors
  • Couple promos (dinners, rooms)
  • Gifts for that special someone
  • Products for new moms
  • Products for babies and kids
  • and many more.

With the knowledge of which demographic actually has the relationship status you’re targeting, you can run more efficient ads, and not burn your budget.

Optimize Your Facebook Marketing

The examples presented above are jut three of the interesting data we observed on the report, and how you can apply them to your business.

Download our CB YEAR IN REVIEW: DAVAO CITY FACEBOOK STATS 2019 for free, and get more data about your Facebook customers in Davao City.

You can also watch our discussions about Davao City’s Facebook users here:

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