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by | Mar 16, 2020 | Training

Last year, businesses have been considering getting more knowledge in social media. I have been getting inquiries about conducting trainings, but there are only a few that really push through. Now that the quarantine has been going on for months, and there is a higher reliance on being able to sell online, people are demanding social media training in Davao City.

Social Media Training

I used to conduct face to face trainings for companies and their sales people. The latest was a Social Media Marketing Course for Real Estate Agents. This was organized by Arezzo Place Davao, where they strategically empowered their agents to be able to use Facebook to increase their sales. This was held right before the quarantine started, and this has led them to continue to bring in sales despite going into ECQ. More into that on another post.

Other face to face trainings I’ve conducted on social media was under the Department of Information and Communications Technology, where I train individuals as well as businesses in the provinces. This has brought me to different parts of Mindanao like Koronadal, Mati and Marawi.

However, because it’s more difficult to conduct face to face classes, I’m slowly building up my online digital marketing courses. Due to the demand, I have been prioritizing social media training for real estate agents, online sellers as well as restaurants and coffeeshops.

Social Media Course Outline

What do you learn when you take this social media course? Most trainings focus on just the paid aspect of social media. However, as someone who has managed different types of pages in our Digital Marketing Company, Coffeebot, I’m telling you, just paying is not enough. This course is going to teach you how to target and to get those targets to buy.

  • Identifying Your Ideal Customer
  • Uses of Social Media
  • Types of Social Media Marketing Goals
  • Buyer’s Journey
  • Social Media Content Creation
    • Images
    • Videos
    • Links
  • Writing Captions
  • Setting up Your Social Media Goals and Targets
  • Creating a Social Media Calendar
  • How to Boost Properly
  • How to Get Facebook Page Likes
  • Facebook Insights

Here’s the introduction on the Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents course:

Social Media Training for Your Company or Team

Different industries come with different demands, and if you feel like a general social media course just won’t do it for your company, you’re probably correct. There are so many misconceptions about how social media can be utilized for a business.

For example:

  • I was once asked to create a social media training in Davao, but they wanted to focus on utilizing the platform for Human Resource purposes.
  • Another request focused on how they can integrate the different departments so that all their social media efforts would be streamlined.
  • Another vital social media training I created was to teach employees of a company to become brand ambassadors. What can they do to support the promotions happening on their social media pages, so that it can be translated on individual profiles.

For your specific needs, it’s best to contact me and have a training designed for your company needs.

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