What to Post on Facebook? 115 Ideas You Can Use

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What Do I Post on Facebook?

Your question is something I always get asked during client meetings, or from friends who are trying to promote their businesses.


So don’t worry, you’re not alone. And your question makes sense. Posting about your business on social media can be overwhelming. I understand that you feel the pressure of:


  • How to get a lot of likes or reacts?
  • How to get comments?
  • How to get shares?
  • and, how will it get sales?
Well, here are 3 tips before we jump to the actual ideas list. And these tips will help you get the answers to the 4 questions above.


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Make it About Your Customers

There are some connect and entertain ideas on our list. Some of them are quite personal and outrageous. The key is to make sure you give something that your potential customers and audience can relate to.




Post idea: Share your favorite podcast.


Don’t share something that has no relation to your business. If your business is a coffeeshop, share a podcast that talks about artisan coffee.


Always Have a Goal

At Coffeebot, we don’t just post for the sake of posting. Every post has a goal. It’s aligned with our clients’ objectives for the month, quarter, or year. Even if you don’t have a digital marketing agency behind your facebook page, do as the pros do. Make sure every post has a goal, whether it’s to educate, entertain, promote or connect. That’s why this list is categorized based on these goals.


Talk To Your Audience

This sounds like an easy one, but a lot of people have trouble creating an effective message because they’re too self-conscious. And don’t worry, the more you do it, the better you become at it.




Do not: The Aztec clay is a great product if you want to remove pimples and other skin impurities. Pm this page for inquiries.


Do: Can’t get rid of those stubborn pimples? Are you wearing so much make-up just to cover up those bumps? Does your boyfriend always make fun of your acne? I can’t offer you a better boyfriend, but I can recommend this Aztec Clay. For years, I have suffered from bad skin, until I tried this product. I’ve been using it for 3 months, and I finally have the skin I’ve always wanted. You can have it too! Just message this page to learn how to order!


Now that you know how to do it right, let’s proceed to the post ideas. Please note that you can also use these for other social media platforms. Just be creative!


Facebook Post Ideas

To make things easier for you, you can also opt to download this list as a PDF File. Just click here.



  • Remind People Who You Are, How You Got Started
  • Go Behind The Scenes
  • Tell People What You Sell
  • Tell People to Sign Up On Your Email List
  • Respond to customer comment or review and screenshot it
  • Remind People To Buy Your Products or Services
  • Go LIVE (promote your product)
  • Post a Sneak Peek of something coming soon
  • Share a Blog Post You Wrote
  • Share Any Press or PR Features You Have
  • Post a Testimonial From a Client (text, photo, video)
  • Re-Share Some Older Content (Graphics, Quotes, Blog Posts)
  • Host a 1 Day Only Flash Sale
  • Post a Case Study
  • Share a YouTube video related to your product
  • Post about events you’re hosting or going to
  • Post where you’ll be speaking or where you’re making appearances
  • Share an Unknown Feature About Your Products or Services
  • Let Your Employee Take Over For a Day
  • Feature your employee
  • Feature a customer
  • Show someone using your product
  • Post a discount or a special offer
  • Tell People How You Got Started
  • Share What Inspired You To Create Your Product or Service
  • Shoutout or Mention Other Brands
  • Shoutout or Mention Your Clients
  • Share a Success Story
  • Screenshot and share a fan post about you (facebook, twitter, Instagram)
  • Share Your Other Social Profiles to Connect On
  • Share Your Contact Info
  • Before and After
  • Unboxing
  • Awards you’ve received
  • Flat lay photos
  • Post a review about a product or service
  • Share your website
  • Share a map of where your business is


  • Share a Personal Story
  • Host an #AMA (Ask Me Anything)
  • Ask a Question
  • Host a Poll
  • Ask for Recommendations (Book, TV, Apps, Music, Something related to your biz)
  • Host a Giveaway
  • Give away a coupon
  • Host a Sale
  • Run a photo contest
  • Reaction campaign (haha, love, angry, or sad?)
  • Run a sweepstakes
  • Go LIVE (to say hello to your fans)
  • Give Your Audience A Gift
  • Re-Share Some Older Content (Graphics, Quotes, Blog Posts)
  • Let Someone Guest Post or Takeover Your Profile
  • Post Something Seasonal or Highlight a Holiday
  • Post Motivational Monday
  • Post a Tuesday Tip
  • Post a Wednesday Wisdom
  • Post a Throwback Thursday
  • Post a Flashback Friday
  • Share a YouTube video your audience will love
  • Share Your Morning Routine
  • Share a Few Of Your Personal Favorite Things
  • Post About A Trip You’ve Taken
  • Share a Charity You’ve Partnered With
  • Post About Something On Your Bucket List
  • Ask Your Audience How They Found You
  • Post content from your users or fans
  • Selfie
  • Statement shirt, photo or other signages
  • Ask for feedback
  • Ask your customers to choose between two products/services
  • Ask your customers their favorites
  • Share your hobby or ask your customers what their hobbies are


  • Share a Joke (Graphics or Text)
  • Relatable tag a friend
  • Go LIVE (to discuss a fun topic)
  • Re-Share Some Older Content (Graphics, Quotes, Blog Posts)
  • Thank Your Fans!
  • Share a fun YouTube video you love
  • Post a Fill In The Blank
  • Share a Tweet You Like
  • Share a Pinterest Pin You Like
  • Trivia
  • Go local. Share city landmarks or photos
  • Challenge your customers
  • Share a viral post
  • Reference a popular TV show
  • Reference a popular movie
  • Ride on a popular meme


  • Share a Quote (Graphics or Text)
  • Re-Share Some Older Content (Graphics, Quotes, Blog Posts)
  • Share Some Personal Wins or Results
  • Share an inspirational YouTube video
  • Share a WIN or SUCCESS
  • Share a LOSS or a FAILURE


  • Post a How To or Tutorial
  • Post an inforgraphic
  • Share a Quick Tip
  • Share Industry News (Add Your Thoughts To It)
  • Go LIVE (to educate)
  • Share a Blog Post You Wrote
  • Re-Share Some Older Content (Graphics, Quotes, Blog Posts)
  • Share Content From Someone Else
  • Answer FAQ’s
  • Host an Interview with a Guest
  • Post some interesting stats or data about your industry
  • Share your favorite resources (Apps, Websites, Blogs)
  • Talk about Mistakes People Are Making
  • Screencapture demo
  • Recorded one on one tutorial
  • Time saving tips
  • Money saving tips
  • Hacks you know of
  • Solve a problem
  • Predictions
Avoid the hassle of going back to this page again and again by downloading the PDF version of this blog.


How to be Even More Efficient – Social Media Calendar

Knowing what to post is okay, but you can make promoting on your Facebook business page a less strenuous but more effective endeavor.


To maximize your efforts, you need to plan what to post, know what your objectives are, and what to expect after you post. We do it with the use of a social media calendar. We use it at Coffeebot, and it has made our lives, and the lives of our clients so much easier.


Can’t afford to hire an agency like Coffeebot yet? Don’t fret, you can do it yourself, while you have the time to market your business. I’ve created a tool, the Facebook Cheat Sheet, that gives you daily ideas on what to post for your business on a daily basis.


Key to a Successful Facebook Page

Whether you want to hire an agency, or do it yourself, we all know that consistent Facebook posting is key to promoting your business, and reaching potential clients and customers.


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