My Starter Kit’s Essential Oils And Their Benefits (Part 2)

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Thieves Essential Oils Uses

Let’s start off the blend oils with the one that has the interesting backstory: Thieves.

The beginnings of the Thieves essential oil is a peculiar one. It was called that way because it was said to have originated from thieves during the Black Plague in the Middle ages. They invented this concoction to protect themselves whilst robbing the homes of the infected dead (it sounds like • • zombie movie when you think about it).

The strong aroma did work, but the English King discovered them and asked for the formula under the threat of death. And so they shared their secret, and now here we are, enjoying this centuries-old blend–true story or not.

Thieves is a mixture of:
• Clove
• Lemon
• Cinnamon
• Eucalyptus
• Radiata, and
• Rosemary

According to Young Living, this essential oil blend is effective at strengthening immune systems and improving overall health. Some of its benefits include:

Antiseptic, Skin Care

Thieves antiseptic quality has made it a popular ingredient in cleaning sprays, toothpastes, air fresheners, and other cleaning products. It’s an excellent disinfectant and can help with skin disorders like psoriasis and rashes. If you want to have clean air in your home or office, you might want to add a couple of drops of this in your diffuser, or mix it in with other oils for a more varied effect.

Better Digestion

Because of the presence of Lemon, Clove and Rosemary, Thieves can also aid in digestion and deal with any issues such as constipation. And since it is also an antiseptic, it can get rid of any unwanted germs or bacteria inside your digestive system. And also, since Lemon is present, it can help induce weight loss by making you feel full already.

Healthy Respiratory System, Pain Relief

People who have phlegm and other congestion issues can inhale Thieves vapor to induce them into clearing out their lungs. Thieves can also deal with any infections in the throat, nose or lungs. It also has an anti-inflammatory property that allows it to handle fevers as well as relieve muscle pain.

Its amusing backstory aside, Thieves is certainly one of the most useful blends for me so far, especially when it comes to making the air much more clean and fresh via diffuser.

The next blend I’ll be writing about is Purification. It’s probably one of the oils that is straight to the point when it comes to its intended purpose.

Citrus Fresh Essential Oils Uses

Well, we’ve got Thieves down. Now let’s talk about Citrus Fresh.

What is Citrus Fresh?

Citrus Fresh is a combination of numerous essential oils in the–you guessed it–citrus family. It consists of:

• Orange
• Tangerine
• Grapefruit
• Lemon
• Mandarin, and
• a dash of Spearmint.


It’s an exclusive Young Living essential oil, so you won’t find it anywhere else.

Citrus Fresh is a great choice when you’re diffusing oils. It has a rich, citrusy aroma (as expected from a blend full of citrus oils) that is very refreshing and zesty. One whiff of it makes me calms me down but at the same time makes me more alert and able to think clearly. It’s perfect for a stress-filled day at the office.

All those citrus oils coming together makes Citrus Fresh great for detoxifying yourself. And besides, it adds a lot of flavor to your drink if you add a drop or two. It leaves behind a minty cool aftertaste, courtesy of Spearmint.

How I Use It

I’m quite fond of using Citrus Fresh for purifying the air in the room, whether it’s at home or the office. Aside from making the place smell citrusy with a hint of mint, the scent helps me focus better on whatever I’m doing at the moment, whether it’s work-related or a hobby–like assembling a model I bought from Metal Earth.

As was suggested by Young Living, I’ve also been diluting Citrus Fresh with a moisturizer that I use at night. After some time, I began to notice that my skin felt cleaner and smoother.

All in all, Citrus Fresh is definitely a great addition to the starter kit since all the benefits that the citrus oils already share is amplified by blending them together. Not only that, you still get to enjoy the other properties that each oil has individually.

Looks like we have 3 more blends left to tackle! Next stop: Raven.

Raven Essential Oils Uses

We are now halfway done with the essential blend oils. You might have noticed by now that the blends in my Young Living starter kit have different purposes. Thieves, for example, is an antiseptic and is more of a cleanser, while Citrus Fresh combines all the benefits of citrus for a greater effect.

So what exactly is Raven used for?

First, let’s take a look at Raven’s composition, which consists of the following essential oils:
• Ravintsara
• Peppermint
• Eucalyptus radiata
• Lemon, and
• Wintergreen.

You can guess just from the oils I’ve listed that Raven has a cold, minty effect on its users. And you’re right about that. Raven is an excellent oil for treating a wide range of respiratory problems such as the common cold and flu to more serious issues like asthma, bronchitis and even pneumonia. It also helps you breathe much better and provides a soothing sensation on the chest and throat area if the oil is applied on them.

Some of its other benefits include:

• relieving pain and soothing sore muscles
• healing wounds
• treating inflammations
• detoxifies the body
• cleanses the skin

However, Raven’s main specialty is still supporting the respiratory system. The other properties are an added–but a very much welcome–bonus.

How do I use Raven?

When I have a bad cold, Raven is the first on my list of oils to add to my diffuser. It doesn’t take long for the soothing but revitalizing scent of menthol and eucalyptus to permeate in the room. I could compare it taking a nice deep breathe of crispy cool air when you take trip to the mountains.

Before I go to bed, I also like to add a few drops on my pillow to clear my sinuses and help me get a good night’s sleep. And when I’m more worn out than usual after a long day of client meetings or traveling to seminars in other cities, I apply some Raven (diluted with a carrier oil, of course) on my legs and feet and massage them to ease the soreness.

It’s amazes me just how well thought out Young Living’s starter kits are. Whether you’ve got breathing problems or a sore muscle, they pretty much provide you with a solution any problems you might face.

But we still have two more blends left to talk about! In the next one, we’ll discuss DiGize, a popular oil for your digestive problems.

DiGize Essential Oils Uses

This is the second to the last of my Starter Kit series. It’s been a great learning experience with you, and I hope you stay for the last one.

The topic for today is DiGize.

In the Young Living website, DiGize is considered one of their most unique blends. While the previous blends I’ve mentioned were created for a single purpose (for the most part), DiGize, on the other hand, has several.

But before we get to the other attributes, we have to know about their components first. Eight essential oils make up DiGize, namely:

• Tarragon
• Ginger
• Peppermint
• Juniper
• Lemongrass
• Anise
• Patchouli, and
• Fennel

Each of these essential oils have varied benefits. With DiGize, they have been combined to provide an even more powerful effect on its users. A few of the effects that it amplifies are:

Soothes Stomachs and Stimulates Metabolism

DiGize’s ability to take care of digestion problems ranging from constipation, bloating, to nausea and cramps is its most popular characteristic. This is due to the presence of oils like ginger, peppermint, and anise, which are effective at treating these issues. It’s helped me with upset stomachs on a few occasions already.

Oh! If you have weight issues due to slow metabolism, DiGize’s fennel oil will stimulate it and help you shed some of those calories.

Treats Menstruation Issues

DiGize can be used if you are having cramps, bleeding or other period-related problems that are getting too much to handle on your own. It also keeps your hormones in check and is helpful for decreasing the chances for mood swings and cramps.

Takes Care Of Anxiety

The aroma from oils like ginger, lemongrass, and peppermint all contribute to the calming effect that DiGize brings to you. It’s suitable for preventing onsets of anxiety attacks, or just trying to relax in general.

A word of warning though: DiGize might cause allergic reactions due to the high number of oils mixed together. It’s also not advisable for pregnant and breastfeeding women to use this oil. Always ask for your doctor’s advice first.

DiGize is one of the most versatile blends that Young Living has in their collection. It has helped me in different ways, from soothing my stomach to calming me down. They do have a very strong effect. I suppose it does deserve to be considered one of its unique oils.

Nine essential oils down, one more to go. We are now left with the last blend in my starter kit: PanAway.

PanAway Essential Oils Uses

This is it, everyone. The last essential oil in my starter kit. Again, thank you for coming along for the ride. I hoped you learned a lot of things too, as I have.

This last blend is called PanAway. Although it is called that, I sometimes prefer to call it PainAway instead, because that’s what it does. It’s mean to be used for relieving pain, inflammation, and stress. When I tried it out for the first time, I was immediately revitalized by the smell and could feel the coolness on my skin.  It’s a great oil for massages after a long and tiring day of work.


PanAway is blend made up of four oils:
• Wintergreen,
• Helichrysum,
• Clove, and
• Peppermint

I would say that PanAway is quite straightforward with its purpose—taking pain away. It’s great for back and joint pain, plus soothes any sore muscles I have. I’ve also tried it for headaches and period cramps, and it’s worked very well at that too.

PanAway definitely helped me feel much more refreshed after applying it on myself as per Young Living’s instructions. I felt relaxed, but at the same time I felt like I could go out and do more. It’s gave me an energy boost as well as peace of mind.

So did PanAway take my pain away? Yes, it certainly did. It can take yours, if you decide to get for yourself too.

And this ends my Starter Kit series. If you haven’t experienced the joys of having essential oils yet, what are you waiting for? You’re missing out on so much, you know. I had my doubts at first too, but I completely changed my tune once I started feeling much better both physically and mentally.

Essential oils: they’re miracles in little bottles.

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