Knowledge Is Power: Changing Your E-commerce Views

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As I’m writing this, I’m currently on the road training local MSMEs—or Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, as well as aspiring virtual assistants—in Compostela Valley and Kidapawan for the DICT’s Rural Impact Sourcing Workshops.

One of the things being trained to these MSME’s is how to manage their own e-commerce websites, and the payment processes that come with it. It’s always invigorating to see eager participants take in all that we’re teaching them so that they can apply it in their business after the workshop is over.

It’s amazing. Here I am, training other people on how to use online shopping to their advantage. It bring me back to when I was in their state, afraid of purchasing anything on the Internet. Everyone has probably gone through that stage where we’re always afraid to pay online because we’re so afraid of our information being stolen.
But that was a long time ago.

A Shift In Perspective

I changed my tune when I realized that as denizens of the outsourcing world, we always have clients who make online transactions with us. They are willing to put their trust and spend money on an outsourcing firm that they would probably never get to see in person. And in turn, we are willing to trust their word and accept their online payments. Sure there have been some bad eggs in the bunch, but they never stopped BPO companies like Coffeebot from growing.

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So, if I was brave enough to accept payments online, that shouldn’t stop me from spending money online, right?

Lack Of E-commerce Knowledge Leads To Fear Of It

Many people shun the notion of shopping online or using online shops for their business because they know next to nothing about how it works. This is why being educated on e-commerce is important. When you know what makes an e-commerce site secure, you become more confident in making purchases on them.

What are some of the ways to tell that online shops are safe?

SSL certification

Have you ever noticed if the URL of a website has an HTTPS instead of just an HTTP? That means the site has an SSL certificate. An SSL or Secure Socket Layer basically makes sure that all the data passed between web servers and browsers are protected and private. For online stores, this makes it safe for credit card transactions, customer log ins, and browsing in general.

Asks for Strong Passwords

One mark of a credible e-commerce site is that it asks customers who want to sign up for difficult passwords. They will require the passwords to have numbers and at least one capitalized letter included. This makes the customer’s site profile more secure from hackers.


Stores that make use of payment systems like Paypal, Payoneer, or allow for credit card transactions will show the logos on their website. It lets people know that they can easily pay for their items on your store. Also, accredited e-commerce websites will be give trustmarks, or logos of the accreditor, making them more trustworthy for shoppers.

These are just a few things that people can see on the surface as a customer. On the business’s side of things, it gets much more stringent. You and your hosting provider have to follow PCI standards, not save your customers’ credit card information, protect your site from malware, viruses, and hackers, and monitor all the transactions that take place in your site. Mess these up and your brand could ruin its reputation And I’m just scratching the surface here. It takes a lot of work to run an e-commerce site smoothly.

A Risk Worth Taking

Having knowledge on the workings of e-commerce can give you confidence. The confidence to make a purchase online as well as to establish an online store for your business, and confidence when you decide that the store is a scam and decide to purchase elsewhere. It opens the door to more opportunities for you as a buyer and as a seller—just as it did for me. If I didn’t have the courage to make the leap and start shopping online, I don’t think I’d get to enjoy products like essential oils or buy from beauty and fashion stores that I didn’t even know existed. I wouldn’t get to use all these wonderful software and apps that help our business. And I definitely wouldn’t get to indulge my geeky tendencies as much as I do these days.

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Having knowledge really does give you the power to do more things. I spoke in a workshop in Kidapawan City just lately, and they asked me: “What do you forsee in the BPO industry in the coming years?” I decided not to focus on outsourcing, and instead, focus on the local.

I explained that I feel that cities, especially Davao is ripe for digital marketing and other services. They are now demanding for websites and online presence. They call us and ask for our services instead of us going around peddling ou services like how it was years ago. This revolution happened because it was triggered years ago.
Entrepreneurs in the city were being educated about e-commerce and online marketing, and now, they’re reaping the benefits.

I’m so proud to be one of the triggers for this revolution to happen in the farther reaches of the Philippines. I look forward to the day when that revolution actually unfolds, and the local economy actually reaches its full potential.
To the MSME’s in the provinces, don’t be afraid to ask your provincial DTI about e-commerce and digital marketing. There are so many programs that can help you achieve your goals. If you want more information regarding this post, you may also ask through the comments below.

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