Learning About The Lava Stone Bracelet

by | May 3, 2018 | Essential Oils, Health & Wellness

I love my Dewdrop diffuser to death.

The kit also comes with this diffuser. You just put some water in, drop some oils, and smell the magic!

With the help of a couple drops of oils, my diffuser has saved me from impending asthma attacks, stressful situations, cigarette cravings, nasty odors, and bad days in general.

However, I had a teeny, tiny problem: I couldn’t carry it with me everywhere I go. Sure, I can bring it with me from my home to the office, but it’s not like I can use it on my way there now, can I?

Nor can I exactly use it when I’m traveling. Have to save that baggage space, you know.

I needed something that was much more portable. Something I could wear. Luckily, after a little bit of online searching, I found one that caught my attention.

This is a lava stone bracelet. And yes, it is genuinely made from volcanic rocks—lava that has cooled off and hardened. You might have seen bigger rocks being used in spas for hot stone massages. This is because lava stones are said to have strong healing properties. They give you a calming sensation and make you relaxed.

It’s recommended that you wear it close to yourself in order to absorb its properties more effectively.

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But as for me? I got interested because it’s apparently an excellent diffuser. Lava stones are porous, which allows them to retain an essential oils scent for days. It can be an alternative to applying the oil to yourself topically. Your skin can only keep the aroma for so long.

That was a huge plus for me, because as much as I loved Young Living’s oils, they don’t exactly come cheap. Every drop matters, so you have to make the most out of each one.

Besides, it makes for a very fashionable accessory, doesn’t it? I wouldn’t mind wearing this everyday. Would you?

So when I decided to finally try one out, I first checked its prices online before buying. I was surprised at the wide price range! They more or less all looked the same, but most of the bracelets cost around two hundred to three hundred pesos while others went as high as 3,000!

I did find one local shop on Facebook that sold it for 200 pesos flat. They also offered it to me for 150 if I bought six or more pieces, which I certainly took note of. I have several friends who have gotten hooked to essential oils too, and I think they could use a bracelet like this…if it does work.

Do you have essential oils but still don't have a diffuser?Try out our lava stone bracelet–it can last 2-3 days!Message us for orders and reservations 🙂

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When the bracelet finally arrived, it came in a simple packaging. The logo was very cute though, and classy looking.

Before testing it, I read up on how to apply the essential oils on the bracelet. You have to apply a drop (or more if you want) on the lava stones and then roll them in your fingers. The stones will absorb the oils and then voila! You now have a diffuser that will last you several days. You can also apply different oils on each stone if you wish to.

I had my doubts about the lava stone bracelet at first, but after actually trying it out for myself, I can attest that it really does work. If you are an essential oil junkie like me, this is one accessory that you shouldn’t pass up on. It’s very affordable, portable, and saves you electricity that you would have used for your diffuser machine.

(I still love diffusers so much, I got myself a new desert mist! Nothing else beats the bad odors away from the room like it does.)

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