Experimenting with Oils: A Blend For Bad Vibes

by | Apr 13, 2018 | Essential Oils, Health & Wellness

Being a mother, a boss, a consultant, and a part of a handful of advocacies to boot isn’t exactly the most relaxing lifestyle in the world.

Honestly speaking, it’s downright hectic more often than not. I don’t have the luxury of unwinding by taking a vacation whenever I want. I need to schedule way (and I mean way) ahead of time, and sometimes those plans still get ruined. So I have to search for other ways to bring my stress levels down and keep a cool head on my shoulders.

One of those ways I discovered was through essential oils. Luckily, the Young Living starter kit I bought had exactly what I needed to experiment with making some blends.

For helping me improve my mood, for instance, I’ll mix 3 drops each of Frankincense and Peppermint together to use on my Dewdrop diffuser. The effects usually take effect after thirty minutes to an hour.

Why those two, you may ask? You see, these two have properties that are just perfect for it.

Frankincense is well-known for being one of the gifts of the Three Wise Men. But it has long been used since ancient times as a fragrance and a cosmetic item. It has numerous health benefits as well. If you’re having problems with, say, your skin, your digestion, or if you’re PMSing, this is for you. It also helps you deal with insomnia. It has a sedating effect , giving me a sense of relaxation and making me feel more in touch with myself. I can think much clearly and make better decisions with it without losing my cool.

Peppermint has similar health benefits too. It deals with indigestion and skin problems along with other issues such as headaches and respiratory problems. But while frankincense sedates, peppermint refreshes. A whiff of its coolness helps you keep a clear mind and stimulates your senses.

This blend has helped me out of times when I become a little too hotheaded to make a good decision, whether it’s because of some last-minute event preparations or a busy day handling issues with clients . At my suggestion, a friend of mine who also bought a kit said that it also helped make her mood better too.


Now, if this blend helps me feel more level-headed and mellow, in the next post I’ll talk about one that helps me feel chipper for the whole day.

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