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Jaz Danz Caravan is a giving back project of JCI Duwaling and JAZ UP DANZ CREW with the participation of Task Force Davao and 3rd Infantry Battalion to the community of Brgy Ma-a, Calinan Proper, and Crossing Matina, Davao City. The Caravan was overwhelming and was well participated by the youth, children and parents with the help of the very supporting Barangays.

Participants were taught basic dance steps courtesy of Mr. Jhoey Zulueta and members of Jaz Up Danz Crew. At the end of the dance workshop, four best dancers were chosen and was awarded with Untamed Kulture shirts courtesy of Neil Partick Adao. Participants and the spectators were also offered snacks snacks (Lugaw) is courtesy of the City Mayors Office while the Bottled Waters were also given courtesy of our good friends from Nature’s Spring Water

While the dance lesson was ongoing, our friends from the Task Force Davao were also offering FREE Haircut. Our friends from the 3rd Infantry Battalion were also present to secure everyone’s safety. Every service offered during the Caravan was FREE of charge.

JCI Duwaling is grateful for the chance to conduct this activity with our partners, and are very happy with the success of all the legs in the Caravan. We hope to be able to conduct in more locations next year. Looking forward to the Jaz Danz Caravan 2018!
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