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by | Apr 3, 2018 | Advocacies

(Just a disclaimer before anything else: This is not a post about romance.)

Last March 25, I received an email from the office of Gina Lopez, inviting me to a “Kapihan para sa Bayan” here in Davao City that was held just this Monday on April 2nd. Ms. Lopez would be introducing her new organization, the Investments in Loving Organizations for Village Economies–or iLOVE for short—and a contest that she would be holding.

As Managing Director of DAKILA Davao, I couldn’t say no to this opportunity. So I attended and got to see and listen to Gina Lopez in person. I have to say—she’s very passionate with her convictions, and I could really tell she wanted to help make our country better, especially its small communities.

Quest for Love event with my sister Julia.

But wait—what’s iLOVE?

iLOVE is an NGO that was founded by Gina Lopez some time after she had to leave the DENR. Despite this setback, she still wanted to help improve the lives of Filipinos in this country—hence the creation of this organization that did not have any ties to the DENR.

Gina Lopez’s group helps local communities by bringing out the potential of their area and planning out a sustainable future for them. To raise awareness about their advocacy, iLOVE is holding a contest for organizations that support social development—the Quest for LOVE.

The Quest for LOVE Contest

Ms. Lopez was quite straightforward with the contest’s goals during the “Kapihan”. iLOVE was looking for organizations that wanted to develop communities and the livelihood of the people who lived there. Out of these groups, eight would be chosen and would be given prizes including a hundred thousand pesos in cash, media exposure (thanks to ABS-CBN), mentorships, and a chance to meet new investors for your organization.

The #QuestforLove is coming to #Davao! Calling all social enterprises, cooperatives, NGOs, and other socially-oriented…

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iLOVE is still accepting applicants until April 13, 2018, so if you feel that your organization is deserving of iLOVE’s support, then you better get to work while there’s still time! You can read the mechanics and download the application form in their official website.

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