“Remember, Reimagine, Recycle” A Recycling Competition

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Ananda Marga Special Academic Institution (AMSAI) held “Remember, Reimagine, Recycle”, a recycling competition for students’ parents. The competition was held last October 1, 2019, 3pm at the Ananda Marga Special Academic Institution, Cabantian Davao City. 

This recycling competition was held in connection to the AMSAI Day celebration on December 14, 2019 . Dr. Arlene De Vera, AMSAI School Planning and Development Consultant hopes to design an event that would also inspire other schools to organize events that would advocate for the environment. According to Dr. De Vera, “Instead of the usual festivities, we decided to make the AMSAI day more significant by conducting events that will encourage our students and their families to create a stronger advocacy for the environment.” “

This competition is also our way of remembering Miss Gina Lopez, who was a dedicated Ananda Marga missionary, and environment advocate and who has dedicated a bit part of her life for the environment. We wanted her life to be celebrated by instilling the love for the environment to the children,” Dr. De Vera added. 

The competition was participated by the parents of AMSAI students from pre-school to high school.

You can view some of the entries here:

AMSAI Preschools were started 21 years ago in Davao City by Dada Cidananda and Didi Ananda Supritii – all missionaries of Ananda Marga- a socio-spiritual organization dedicated to self realization and service to humanity. 

The first school was started in the Ananda Marga Wholetimer Training Center and the trainees were the first teachers. Later on more AMSAI preschools opened in different locations. At present there are three schools in Mindanao, namely, AMSAI Cabantian managed by Didi Premamayii, AMSAI Digos City managed by Didi Sushanta, and AMSAI General Santos managed by Didi Miira. 

The AMSAI schools in the Philippines are having a positive impact on the community. The curriculum emphasizes the moral principles of Yama and Niyama, yoga postures and meditation, social service and sentient diet (a diet excluding food that are not beneficial to the mind and body, i.e., meat, fish, poultry, and eggs). 


To learn more about Remember, Reimagine, Recycle or AMSAI, please call (082) 326-3369 or email: webmaster.amsaimindanao@gmail.com

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