Second Language Blogging – Precautions and Solutions

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Over the years, blogging has taken a great leap from being an online diary, to being an electronic book that covers learning, amusement, and revenue. It fosters the possibility of reaching thousands of readers all over the world within the writer’s field of interest. Therefore, it is no wonder that most blogs use English as their medium to reach more audience across the globe. Given this circumstance, it is expected that one might come across a multiple of poorly written blogs; poorly written meaning poor grammar, misspelled words, weak form, and the likes.

Having English as a second language, and blogging using it, leaves tell-tale signs. There are many who have mastered English as much as their first language, but there are also some, who commit the mentioned errors, without, or even with the help of online and offline grammar and spell check gadgets. Luckily, most blog platforms have built in spell checks that allow you to type in directly into the blog, but still have the benefit of a spell checker. To double check, many initially create their blog posts in word, before transferring it into their blogs.

Even with all these precautions, errors are still inevitable. The key here is, be ready and willing to edit. When mistakes are seen by your audiences, or by yourself, correct them right away. After all, there is a reason why the edit function was added into blogs, so do not be too preoccupied with perfection. Excessive attention to details may interfere with the relay of the message. Remember that so long as the entry holds strong content, and the errors are not very distracting, readers are very forgiving.

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