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by | Jun 10, 2020 | Social Media, Training

Before we entered the quarantine period in Davao City and the rest of the country, I conducted a social media marketing training for Arezzo Place Davao’s in-house agents.

In general, the goal of the Facebook marketing training for Davao City real estate brokers and agents was to maximize the use of Facebook to increase sales. Later on, the skills and techniques discussed in this training proved to be “an extra armor” as the entire country went into full battle against COVID-19.

Back to the Basics

To start the training, the ABC’s of marketing was discussed, giving emphasis on the buyer persona, and a quick background on social media, especially on identifying one’s goals and strategies on the platform.

The in-house agents then explored the buyer’s journey–how someone who does not want to buy or someone who is just thinking about buying, eventually becomes your buyer.

Let’s Get Creative!

Perhaps, this is the most fun part of the training as the in-house agents looked into creating images, videos, and content curation.

Tips and tricks on image and video creation were tackled, including photo and video editing tools. Also, selecting the right article or other web content that is interesting and relevant to the business was taught as these could be shared on a social media page for added content and resources.

Then, the in-house agents practised writing their own captions for the posts that they will be sharing on social media, following the basics of caption writing. Additionally, the importance of hashtags and the call-to-action message was emphasized, as these could invite more interactions, which could eventually lead to conversions.

Day 1 down. So proud of the first time video creators! Looking forward to talking about ads tomorrow!#SocialMediaTraining

Posted by Digital Davaoeña on Thursday, 12 March 2020

All About Insights and Ads on Facebook

The training got more jam-packed with the introduction of Facebook Insights and Facebook Ads.

Together, we explored how Facebook Insights helps you measure engagements and reach, lets you keep track of how responsive you are to page visitors, and allows you to view the overall performance of your page. Also, running an advertisement on Facebook was laid out, including some tips on how to boost posts.

With the rising number of real estate brokers and agents in the city, competition has just gotten tougher. How do you become a cut above the rest?

Got a Facebook page? That’s good! Now let’s make it even better–harness the power of Facebook marketing, just as how Arezzo Place Davao equipped their agents with these skills through the training that we had.

Very knowledgeable on the subject matter. Thank you very much Maam for sharing your expertise and Im looking forward for our next Seminar 👍🏻☕️☕️

Posted by Ed Ward on Tuesday, 14 April 2020

The BEST Teacher for Digital Marketing is DigitalDiscounted . I am very Happy that PPHC found her as our speaker for 2…

Posted by IamCriz Dvega Benolirao on Saturday, 11 April 2020

I’m glad that I was able to educate more people on the difference that social media marketing can make for businesses through this training. Thank you, Arezzo Place Davao for the opportunity that you’ve given me to share my values and beliefs about digital marketing and social media!

What made me even happier is knowing that social media marketing has continued to bring in sales for them even during the quarantine period.

Interested to learn more about Facebook marketing services or Facebook training in Davao city? Don’t hesitate to send me a message!

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