Apps I Use to Edit Images For Instagram

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Software

Most people on social media will always be careful of what things they post on their profiles. Most, anyway. We all know some who don’t really have a filter on what they upload or share. More often than not, it makes for a messy profile.

Instagrammers like me are no exception. We are perhaps the most careful of all, like curators trying to paint a narrative in the museums of our lives. And since we want to make that narrative a good one, we often edit the images before posting.

Photography purists may disapprove though, but in my opinion, editing images isn’t a bad thing in itself. Sometimes we take photos that don’t come out as good as we wanted them to be. Sometimes, the only way to make them as perfect as they can be is to edit them. It’s all about your purpose.

But I digress. That’s a topic for another time. Maybe I’ll talk about the ethics of it someday.

As nice as Instagram’s built-in photo editing tools are, sometimes they’re not enough for what I want for my images. Good thing there are hundreds if not thousands of photo editing apps on the Apple Store, no? It’s perfect for me since I do most of the posting through my iPhone.

(I know there are programs that let you post through your PC or laptop, but I’m usually on the move anyway, so the phone is more convenient.)

Three of my favorite image editors on the Store are Enlight, Colorfy, and TouchReTouch.

Enlight & Englight PhotoFox

Enlight is a great all-around image editor and boasts a number of features that range from cropping tools and brushes to masking and clone tools. It’s like a mini-Photoshop for your phone, but with a learning curve that’s far less steep. Its very informative tutorials certainly help a lot too.

I have to admit that I haven’t used Enlight to its full potential yet, but its user-friendliness and easy-to-understand interface has been a big help to me and—judging from its 4.5 to 5-star ratings—many others.

Previously, Enlight was a paid app that cost $3.99, but now it comes for free! It has a second version, Enlight Photofox, which is also free but has limited features. Fortunately, it comes with subscription options if you’re dead serious about image editing and want to unlock everything Enlight has to offer.


Colorfy isn’t a photo editor, per se, but refers to itself as a coloring book. And it really is. It has all kinds of brushes and you can choose your own color palette. There are so many images already available in the app that you can color yourself like floral patterns and portraits of people or objects. You also have the option to create a mandala. It’s a great way to kill boredom and ease your mind. But what I like about this as a photo editor is that I can take a picture, upload it on Colorfy, and add the artistic flair that only the app can provide.

Colorfy is also free to download, but also comes with subscriptions like Enlight Photofox if you want all the features.


Annoyed with all the unwanted elements in your photos, like those power lines ruining an otherwise pristine street, that one piece of trash lying proudly on the beach, or the photobomber at the back of your family picture with a famous landmark? This is where TouchReTouch comes in. It’s an easier and faster way of removing clutter if you can’t be bother to go full-Photoshop mode and edit out the undesirables like a pro. This is definitely one app you should have if you really want to post that perfect picture on social media.

Instagram user or not, we all have different ways and tools for editing our photos. Some prefer to use software on their PCs or laptops. Some prefer to use phones, like me. These mobile apps are simply what I use and am most comfortable with, and they’ve been working perfectly for me.

How about you? What do you use to edit your images?

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