Teamwork Chat: Why We Love It

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Software

What’s one important factor that leads to a job well done?

The first thing that probably comes to mind is hard work. Determination. Willpower. Maybe it’s intellect, or just plain old common sense.

They’re all very valid, I agree. But when you’re working with a team (or several), I think one, if not the, most important thing to have is communication. This especially so if you’re running a BPO company like Coffeebot. I have several teams to watch over and make sure that we’re doing our jobs and are right on schedule. Constant communication not just with clients, but with employees too helps clear up any potential confusion. It’s necessary to avoid pitfalls and meet deadlines.

Teamwork Chat

Fortunately for us, since we use Teamwork Projects as our project management system, and it comes with a great messaging app–Teamwork Chat. It’s a separate software from Projects but it comes free with our current plan. It has many features that you’d expect from a chat app

  • group chats,
  • tagging,
  • file uploads,
  • image and
  • video previews, etc.

You can change your profile name and handle. You can also change your notification settings to alert you for all messages, mentions of your handle, or give you notifications via email. Or if you prefer not being notified at all.

What I like about Teamwork Chat

Apps – Like Teamwork’s other programs, Projects and Desk, Chat has a mobile app version that you can download for free on the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I really like this feature of theirs because it lets me keep in touch with my teams when I’m away from the office

Compartmentalisation – Chat is a good alternative to Facebook Messenger or Skype because some of us prefer to have our work mostly separate from our personal accounts.

Groups – Perhaps one of the best things I like about Teamwork Chat is that we can create different group chat rooms for various purposes. For example, if I wanted to talk with certain teams or with team leaders only, I can have rooms just for that. We can set up rooms for particular projects or for meetings with the whole office.

I know my employees have rooms of their own, whether it’s purely for work related purposes or not. They often hold team meetings and brainstorming sessions entirely through the chat. And it’s not a surprising sight to see one of the teams suddenly burst into laughter because of an inside joke or a meme being shared. I don’t mind it–we all need to loosen up once in a while, after all.

File Sharing – Chat’s uploading feature is also something that I prefer over Facebook. If you send a picture over FB messenger, the image quality takes a turn for the worse. But in Chat, the quality stays the same, which is a huge plus to our graphic designers.

Emojis!!! – Oh, and the emojis. Everyone loves the emoji feature. Now, if Teamwork could add a built-in GIF keyboard…

Overall, it’s a great chat program, but there is still some room for improvement–as it is with all things.

Things to Improve On

Video – Several of the staff have commented that they would like to have a call and video feature on Teamwork Chat. I found myself agreeing with them. It would be nice to be able to hold video or audio conferences without having to switch to another application.

Better App – And as much as I love the mobile version of Chat, there are still some problems. I can’t customize my notification options, for example, and I am only notified when the app is open on my phone. I do understand that it just got out of beta stage though, so I’m confident that the issues will be handled in the near future.

Yes, it has its shortcomings, but in general, Teamwork Chat has been a very user-friendly and effective chat software for us so far. We haven’t had any major gripes with it even after all this time that we’ve been using Teamwork. I’d happily recommend it to anyone who was looking for a chat application to use for work.

They have a 30 day free trial if you want to test them out first.

Try Teamwork for 30 days.

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