Aldevinco: Thriving In The New Normal

by | Aug 31, 2020 | Davao, Features

Local businesses are one of the most affected sectors during this historical pandemic, even iconic landmarks in Davao City that stood the test of time can attest to that.

With the challenging situations, local entrepreneurs, big and small, have been in constant contact with social media experts in Davao, just like me, to conceptualize digital marketing campaigns to thrive in a world where face-to-face transactions are frowned on.

One of the most digital marketing moves that I’ve witnessed in social media that other local businesses can emulate is the one from the illustrious Aldevinco Shopping Center.

Home to over 100 stores that show the Filipino creativity through ethnic handicrafts, Aldevinco has been a landmark in downtown Davao City. With the enhanced community quarantine imposition last March, Aldevinco has suffered a drastic sales drop.

But did you know what happened next? Digital marketing services providers in Davao City will love this!

Continue reading for the awesome parts! 😉

Rising Like a Phoenix

Just like a phoenix resurrecting from its ashes, Aldevinco has come up with a novel campaign right after the ECQ when the stores were reopened – a Facebook and print media promotion was introduced.

How does it differ with the usual campaigns we find in social media?

Aldevinco jumpstarted the reimagination of their brand. Aldevinco is not just a tourist’s one-stop shop for souvenir items, it’s also Davao’s next destination for quality batik loungewear, home decors, and other personal items that Dabawenyos can appreciate while they are staying at home.

Not only that, Aldevinco also collaborated with Davao’s amazing photographers, designers, and artists. As you’ve seen on Facebook, which I’m pretty sure you did, Aldevinco is showing the younger generations that it can be their next fashion hotspot too.

Intensifying Connections

More people have been online – more than ever! With the home being the safest refuge for Dabawenyos, Aldevinco is being brought to your own homes through the power of the internet! The Aldevinco digital media campaign hopes to show their tenants’ artistry and products in your computer screens and smartphones.

To celebrate the Kadayawan Festival 2020, the Aldevinco Shopping Center Facebook page has been launched. Everyone can just click the ‘Shop Now’ button and check out featured products from the businesses in Aldevinco. Customers can easily contact the tenants where they can get the products that they are more interested in. Awesome, right?

Not only that! To intensify the online experience for Aldevinco customers, there’s a curbside pick-up option for you. Buyers can just pick-up their orders on a designated spot in front of the Aldevinco Roxas Entrance. You can also choose in-store pick-ups if you prefer cash transactions.

As we get used to the new normal where wearing face masks has become a part of our clothing and going out to the malls is a dangerous luxury, I am very glad that local businesses like Aldevinco have stepped up its game.

Aldevinco Shopping Center is open from 9:00AM-5:00PM (Monday-Saturday). For more information, contact Marga Rey-Gross, Alsons Dev Marketing Manager at 0917-7011680 or You may also visit their website:

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