We Manage Social Media Pages for Davao City Businesses. Why?

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Coffeebot’s History

I’ve already give a brief history about coffeebot on Digital Davaoena’s facebook post.

It talks about the history of our name, but what it doesn’t mention is who our clients were. Back then, we worked completely for foreign companies. 

We managed their websites, worked on their back-office functions, and manged their social media.

For a while, we tried very hard to market to businesses in Davao and other parts of the Philippines. Problem is, they just weren’t ready yet.

We promoted, they said no, we gave up.

And then, in 2016, we got our first local call. A real estate company based in Davao City asking for social media management marketing. 

Social Media Training in Davao City

I would love to say what happened after was an avalanche of inquiries but that wasn’t the case. Davao City simply did not understand how digital marketing could help their businesses. They didn’t understand it then, and to be honest, a lot of them still don’t understand it now. And that’s the reason why we do trainings.

Through the years, we’ve worked with government agencies and private sectors to help educate the city. We created content, published blogs and tapped social media to help explain what digital marketing can do for their business. It’s one of the reasons we published the Davao Facebook Stats Report. It was to help everyone appreciate social media and how it can help Davao businesses.

It’s a lot of work. Is it worth it?

Yes. The truth is, we earn more with international clients. and for years, we’ve been serving and helping foreign businesses. We know our worth and what we need to do to get them more sales. To be able to provide the same services to the local clients we have, seeing their growth has been more than gratifying. And we consider it to be our contribution to the local economy. You can find some of the businesses we’ve worked with here.


Our Social Media Services


We create content and manage different social media platforms for our clients. These include: 

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the main platform for Filipinos, which makes this the number one priority of Davao businesses for social media promotion. We manage your Facebook page, create content, analyze the Facebook data, and make strategic recommendations based on these numbers.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is another popular platform for Filipinos. Instagram is an image-based platform that is an effective marketing tool, especially for “instagrammable” photos of products, or in-store locations, or influencer content.

Twitter Marketing

As of the moment, only the bigger companies utilize twitter for marketing. The reason being, it’s not a favorite of the masses, so your twitter marketing strategy needs to be very specific. However, it’s still great marketing platform especially if you have a strategy in mind.

Linkedin Marketing

Linkedin is a favored social media platform for B2B businesses. Our clients opt to use Linkedin when they need fellow businesses to reach out to them, or for them to market to businesses directly. 

Youtube Marketing

When clients have a lot of videos, or a great content plan, and are willing to create videos, Youtube is always the go to place. It’s also a favorite of content creators for monetization.

Need a Digital Marketing Company?


 When we manage social media accounts for Davao or Foreign clients, we at Coffeebot make sure that we know your goal, and explain what we need to do to help you achieve them.  


So whether you want better engagement, interactions, comments and in the end, sales, you can reach us at 


our website:  


email us at: sales@coffeebot.ph


or visit our office at:


Door 207, Amalgated Bldg., 
Iñigo St. corner J.P. Laurel Ave., 
Bajada, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur


or call us at: +63 (082) 287 4496


And if you’re not sure yet, stay tuned. Follow us, and we’ll teach you what you need to know.

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