Two Types of Social Media Marketing Clients in Davao

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This year, we saw an upsurge of clients for social media in Davao. In fact, because of the rising need, we developed a specific package more idea for the local market. I’ve always known that businesses needed social media and have been looking forward to the day I would get to help local businesses. I must admit, it has been very interesting to see the different reactions and thoughts different clients have on social media.

Excluding corporations and huge companies, our local clients can usually be categorized into two types.

First, someone who is as enthusiastic as I am about social media. Before us, they have been managing their facebook page or instagram accounts on their own, they just don’t have the time and expertise. Their Facebook pages are updated at least once a week. They have images, but are usually inconsistent and lack branding. They have probably tried boosting posts before, but choose Facebook’s default stats.

Second, someone who loathes social media. They’re usually older business who have tried avoiding social media for years, and just cannot escape the need. Their Facebook pages are rarely updated, possibly three months ago, with an entire album, and that’s it. Sometimes, they think they have a page, when they actually have a profile. Other times, they have three identical pages because they no longer have any idea who the admins are. They leave the posting to their niece/nephews or kids.

Personally, I prefer number 2. It’s not because I like one over the other. Both businesses are welcome of course, and I do love discussing plans with an entrepreneur who knows what they want. However, there is a certain satisfaction with educating someone on the ins and outs of social media.

Social Media Begins With Education

First of all, you don’t have to be embarrassed or afraid to say that you hate social media. It’s normal. Facebook can be toxic and be full of utter nonsense. There are so many trolls, virus and negativity. So if you don’t like it, go ahead and say it.

In these cases, I don’t jump to the specifics and blab about possible reach and insights and all that jazz. It all starts with education. A business cannot appreciate something it does not understand, and when explained properly, they stop seeing social media as a pool of toxicity. At the end of the meeting, they may still not want to be active on social media, but they start seeing it as something good for their business, a tool that they can harness to market their products and services.

Realistic Expectations

The thing is, I would rather spend an hour explaining how social media works and get the contract rather than impress with numbers for an hour and get the contract that way. I would rather they have realistic expectations and know exactly what they are getting.

If you’re a business owner in Davao, need help managing your social media, and you think you fall on category number 2, this is how it will work. You can call or message us, we set-up a meeting, and we explain how social media generally works. If you’re still interested, we look into your needs and make recommendations.

There needs to be a discussion before anything can be signed. We cannot work without your cooperation and lay down what it is we expect from you. It won’t be a one way deal. Because remember, it’s called “Social” Media for a reason. We need to learn about your business, how you work, and your products and services before we can get social with your market.

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