How Shopee and Lazada Almost Ruined My Life #PlsSaveMe

by | Sep 29, 2019 | Davao, General

Shopping is fun! It relieves stress. It refreshes looks. It makes me feel like I’m a part of Carrie’s gang on Sex and the City. When I shop, it’s like Angels play the soundtrack of my life.

But, I’m very old school. I can’t get the hang of shopping online. It’s because…

I’m a very small girl with very small feet.

So, it’s very difficult for me to shop for clothes and shoes online. I need to fit it. I need to make sure it fitsbefore I buy, which makes online shopping almost impossible for me. (Or maybe I’m on the wrong websites)

Not being able to shop online has its pros and cons. When I want to shop, I need to go to the mall, look around the different stores, and try on clothes. I can’t just pick up the phone and click on check-out. It’s a hassle, but most of the time, it also saves me from impulsive online purchases.

This isn’t the case for some of my friends and many of my employees though. We get deliveries almost every day. There are times when one my staff gets multiple deliveries in a day. This is especially true for Zennials.

Since they’re mobile natives, everything online comes very easy for them, and that includes shopping.

Here’s Nikko’s nightmare on his online shopping addiction and how he got in knee deep very fast.


“Fresh out of college, I was immediately hired as a private school teacher. The first three months were fine, I had no problems whatsoever, until I got a new smart phone.

Since my phone had a larger space for new apps, I got curious and decided to download Lazada and Shopee. I just wanted to experience online shopping – something I’ve never done when I was still a student.

During recess, lunch time, before I go to sleep, and even when I’m in the bathroom, I got addicted to tapping. Tapping the add to cart button became my daily habit.

I did not feel any pressure ordering things I never knew when to use, until my deliveries came back to back to back. I can not forget the day when I received three different deliveries and had no money. I had to borrow money from my workmates. I had to look for 5-6 operators just to pay for my orders.

It was a nightmare.

Every sahod day, I was not able to enjoy my month’s salary because I had to pay my workmates and 5-6 operators.

If I could turn back time, I would have uninstalled shopping apps before it could ruin my life. But I couldn’t. So I had to suffer for months to survive.

Now, I am still struggling and working hard for myself. I’m getting older and I need to save for my future. No more online shopping for me, or let’s just say sometimes.”

— Nikko

Shopping whether online of offline isn’t that bad. Lazada and Shopee have obviously brought about a lot of convenience for a lot of people. But we need to remember that every check-out still involves REAL money, and we have to shop responsibly.

Have you ever been addicted to online shopping? Let me know in the comments below.

This is part 3 of the 4 part sponsored post #PleaseSaveMe series.

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