Branding and Strategy Training

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The social media training course is for business owners who:

  • Want to attract customers using Facebook.
  • Want more likes on their Facebook page.
  • Want a more active Facebook page.
  • Have tried using Facebook for marketing before but have failed.
  • Want to MAXIMIZE Facebook to get sales, orders and customers.
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The Branding and strategy training begins with understanding what branding is, and how to build a strong brand that targets ideal customer segments. It seeks to understand their segment more with the well-known iceberg model.

It also seeks to dissect their company in order to identify their value, branding and positioning that will guide them through marketing their businesses in the real world. It concludes with developing a brand book, identifying their brand marks like logo colors, typography and more, all instrumental to making their brand’s success.

The branding and strategy training is for business who:

  • Want to identify and attract their ideal customers
  • Want to want to create a strong brand
  • Want to grow their brand the right way
  • Want to create a brand book for their company
  • Want consistency on all platforms
  • Want to identify their edge over their competition

This is not for people who are not willing to put in the work. Remember, branding is about your business. No one else can do the work but you.

What You’ll Learn

  • General Branding Concepts that you will guide you to grow your business.
  • How to Identify Your Ideal Customer so you don’t waste money and effort attracting non-buyers.
  • Creating segments for your customers so you can market properly
  • Defining the value of your company against your customers’ needs, and your competition
  • Establishing your brand identity, personality and touch points

Branding isn’t just for huge corporations. If you’re a small or starting business, you need to establish your branding as early as possible. You need to make sure that you’re attracting the right customers, and not the non-buyers who just look at you like your spam.

The branding and strategy training will give you exactly what it’s called. It won’t just teach you branding, it will teach you how to use your brand as a strategy to get more customers and create a strong business.