Should You Take On Loans For Travel? #YOLO #PlsSaveMe

by | Sep 15, 2019 | Davao, General

Blog posts and photos on instagram about travel may sound romantic. And it’s tempting to try and live the lives of the Frequent Flyers and the Instagram Travel Influencers. But it comes at a price. Literally.

Agnes shares her #YOLO travel habits changed as her responsibilities and credit card bills grew.

Read her story below.

“I grew up pretty okay. My mom was an OFW in Saudi Arabia. But a few years after I graduated, she decided to come home, and I was forced to grow up. I had to take the lead and become the bread winner in the family. It wasn’t easy for me. The only bill I had under my name before that was the internet. All of a sudden, I had to pay for everything.

It took me years before I adjusted to my responsibilities. I love travelling, and whenever there was a seat sale, I was one of the first in line, credit card ready. It didn’t matter if it was on the same island, or different country. As long as I had my friends with me.

Not enough money to go on that trip? Apply for a loan. It felt easy, up until the time when the bills started to pile up.

I would find myself months after the trip, still paying for the hotel and food spent on travel. I was irresponsible with spending. I took YOLO too seriously. I was lucky I didn’t have any emergencies at the time.

I like to think I have already changed. I still feel the effects of my travel splurges to this day, but at my age, I can’t afford not to have any savings.

I guess the experience taught me the importance of financial planning the hard way. My mom isn’t young anymore, and I need to step up to give her a better life. I can’t do that if I’m in debt.

I should have started earlier, but at least I have self-control now. YOLO has a new meaning for me now. You Only Live Once, and time is gold, so spend it wisely. Remember that the years you spend paying off your debt are years that keep you from saving for your future.”

— Agnes

Would you take a loan for travel? Share it with us in the comments.

This is part 1 of the 4 part sponsored post #PleaseSaveMe series.

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