Social Media Cheat Sheet


It's normal to run out of facebook post ideas. That's why companies hire social media agencies. But what if you could do it yourself, for just a fraction of the price and the time?

Save Time and Effort

This social media guide will give you 366 days of Facebook posts, all planned out for you... and:

  • a list of questions you can use to get comments
  • posts guided by 4 Key Marketing Goals
  • a list of quotes that are sure to get reacts, likes and shares
  • a worksheet that will help you write effective camptions
  • sample of posts that got me engagements and inquiries on my inbox!

This calendar is fully customizable

This means that you can change it up to suit your business' needs. Are you selling cakes, promoting a photography service, or furniture? This calendar will help you either way.

Improve your social media presence, and help convert followers into customers!