DAVAO YLEO SPA Re-Opening and Anniversary

DAVAO YLEO SPA Re-Opening and Anniversary

Yey spa time!

Davao Yleo Spa is celebrating its anniversary and reopening this June 17 and 18. We are said to expect new services and promos so be sure to drop by.

It’s going to be extra special because as a treat, Certified Angel Readers, Honesty booth, and other local exhibitors such as clothing lines, Local Apparels and etc. This is also a charity event, and they’re welcome people who can bring stuff they’re willing to sell. The proceeds of this event will be for the less fortunate kids with cancers.

Yleo is located on the 2nd floor of the MTS compound.

Current Yleo Spa services:

  • Raindrop technique – Combines the benefits of diffusing essential oils with art of massage and Vita Flex
  • Ortho sports Blended Massage
  • Restorative Blended Massage
  • Ortho Ease Blended Massage
  • Kiddie Essential Aroma Booster Massage (my neice is definitel going to try this)
  • Foot Vita Care
  • Hand Vita Care
  • Hand and Foot Vita Care
  • Couple Essential Aroma Massage
  • Group Essential Aroma Massage
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