Jessica Madrazo at CoffeebotJessica Madrazo has been in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry for years. She is one of the virtual assistant pioneers in Davao before she decided to create a path of her own through a VA company in Davao, Digital CB Business Solutions or Coffeebot as their Operations Director. She also works for John Jonas and

When she’s out of the office, she continues to be a busy bee as an active member of society. She’s a volunteer for local arts, internet freedom and women’s rights and more. She’s also a climate reality leader who aims to spread awareness on climate change and inspire action.  She’s also the co-founder of Rock Ed Davao and Davao Music Nation, and is currently the managing director for Dakila Davao.

Other than her work in Coffeebot, Jessica is also a Hootsuite Ambassador and is a certified social media consultant. She currently provides trainings to help entrepreneurs and small business managers to promote and manage their business online and through social media.

She’s a certified risk-taker who dreams of a world where people are able to tap their inner heroism and work together for a better world.

Also, she has a Dalek watching over her computer.

She loves to work on new projects. Feel free to contact her here:

  • If you have any ideas or projects related to her advocacies
  • If you’re looking for a Corporate Social Responsibility project
  • If you need a virtual assistant or virtual team
  • If you want to have a Hootsuite event
  • If you or your company needs social media training.

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